Shriner Roadmap

Meet Your Mentor

We have Shriner mentors who are ready to talk to you. Let one of our mentors explain our fraternity and tell you about the "world’s greatest philanthropy", Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

Our mentors will aid and assist you with any questions you may have about our fraternity and help you get acquainted with other members you may already know. We will help you and your family become informed and educated about who we are and what we do.

Your mentor awaits to help you. Click The Next Step and fill out the online form and one of our experienced mentors will contact you soon.

Visit the Temple

The place where Shriners meet is called a "temple". It is not a place of religion.

Visiting a temple will help you learn more about us and give you a chance to meet other Shriners as well. Your mentor will arrange a visit to a local temple when the time is right.

Most temples serve a large geographic area. Because of this there are "clubs" members can join in their local community. Your mentor will help you learn more about our locations.

Petition the Temple

Once you are a Master Mason and have met your mentor and visited with him, you may be ready to join Shriners International. To join us, you must first ask your mentor for a Petition. The Petition is the form that all Master Masons fill out with their mentor to start the joining process. The Petition must then be signed by two nobles of the temple. Once the Petition has been submitted, it will be received by the Recorder or secretary of the temple. He will prepare the Petition to be Balloted on at the next meeting of the temple called the "Stated Meeting". The nobles of that temple will be told of your desire to join them and they will Ballot on you. Once the Ballot is cast and found clear, you will then be invited to receive your Ceremonial Degree to be initiated a Shriner.

Attend Ceremonial

All Master Masons who wish to become Shriners must first participate in a Ceremonial Degree at their temple. This degree is designed to educate the Master Mason on the teachings and beliefs of a Shriner. The Ceremonial is often accompanied by a Shrine Parade and a temple party. The nobles of your new temple will be invited to come and celebrate your joining them. Your mentor will explain how they will perform this very important degree and what your temple does for new Shriners at their Ceremonial.


Once you have participated in the Ceremonial Degree that obligates you as a Shriner you receive all the rights and privileges that Shriners International has to offer. As a new noble you are free to visit all temple Club and Unit functions. Most temples have a very active calendar of events for you to enjoy. Your mentor will gladly share the happenings at your temple and help you to become informed of all events.

Attend Stated Meeting

Temples have regularly scheduled meetings that govern temple operations. These meetings are your chance to meet other Shriners from all over the area of your temple's jurisdiction. Remember, Shriners are Master Masons, so you will be meeting men of like minds and similar interests. Attending Stated Meetings is a great way to meet other members, learn more about your temple and to learn more about being a Shriner. Your mentor will gladly escort you to a Stated Meeting and introduce you to a great group of Master Masons who are all Shriners.

Attend Club/Unit Meeting

The temple is the nobility or membership body as a whole. The temple itself governs over all the nobles in a large geographic area. This area will often be broken down into smaller geographical areas, called Shrine Clubs. Clubs will often serve remote communities and areas that are farther away from the temple. The nobles of those areas join together as Shriners in these remote areas to keep travel time to a minimum and to enjoy more time together.

Units are groups in a Shrine temple that meet at the temple or in other locations to share an affinity for something. Examples of Shrine Units interests include: bagpipers, brass bands, motorcycle, mini bike, sports car, oriental band, trap shooting, sky diving, singing, old cars, horses, bowling, fishing and many other types of activities.

Breaking the temple into Clubs and Units makes it easy for a noble to find something that interests him; and great relationships are built when a noble gets involved in smaller groups. Bonds that last a lifetime are formed. The greatest friendships are made.

Visit Shriners Hospitals for Children

Many Shriners believe that no Shriner is really a complete Shriner until he makes a visit to one of our Shriners Hospitals for Children®. All Master Masons and Shriners believe in helping those in need and those who cannot help themselves. Seeing the kids at a Shriners Hospitals for Children® will be one of the greatest experiences you will ever have as a Shriner.

See the Hospitals section on this site for more information about Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

Your mentor will gladly help you schedule a visit to one of our hospitals. You will be glad you did.